Thank you, we’re delighted that you’re considering selling illumai in your salon. We’ve set up this site so you can learn more about the growing number of hair professionals that are looking for a truly revolutionary biotech breakthrough in hair care.

As a professional, you’ve seen every new gimmick in hair care. You also know hair, and every type, symptom and damage you’re asked to reverse for your clientele. The illumai system was initially developed by an internationally recognized immunologist and geneticist and a "top 100" salon professional, exclusively for the use of, and sale by, salon professionals.

We think you’ll become a believer after watching your client’s hair returning to a healthy sheen and beautiful fullness, using only the seven simple, non-toxic ingredients in our patented formulations. Yes, it's very profitable for you to carry illumai, and beyond that, we know you’ll feel great about doing something to bring healthy beauty to your client’s hair.

You can read all about the products and the science behind them on the illumai website.


Why should you carry illumai products?

Our premium brand feels luxurious, is easy to use, delivers dramatic and beautiful results to your clients, and is simply good for the health of your hair and scalp.

Salons are the only retail outlets

illumai is not available in retail stores -- only at salons. Yes, it will be available on the internet, on our site, but it won't be in Sephora, Neimans or Target.

It sells well ... and profitably

You can make more money carrying illumai. We offer a deeper wholesale discount than offered by competitive brands. So, you will have more profit margin to use for promotions to drive sales. Or simply keep the added profit. Note also that illumai has a high price point ... so a sale of illumai generates larger absolute profit. Last, we find that clients who buy illumai are very, very loyal. They will be back and re-purchase. We've even had salons report that clients buy gifts of illumai for their friends!

Free Back Bar

As part of our mission to rid the world of hair care products that destroy the biome, we want EVERY one of your clients to experience illumai on the back bar. Accordingly, we provide back bar shampoo and conditioner free of charge, and we give complementary Primer Mist sprays to stylists. That way, clients get clean, healthy, beautiful hair, and stylists get a mist that acts as a cutting agent, thermal protection and a great foundation for further styling. And the price is right!

Consistent With YOUR Brand.

We recognize and respect that you are building a brand for your salon. You do that through location, design, who you hire, which clients you get and keep ... AND with the retail products you sell.

We are positioned as high-end "Healthy Beauty” and simple, healthy hair products. We are not aligned with a particular fashion, style, hair type, color regimen, symptom or anything else. We are foundational -- the best foundation you can give your clients for the cut, color and styling you provide ... and the other products they might need. If you wish, we'd be happy to consult with you about how to use the illumai brand an understandable extension of your own brand.

No minimums

Order what you want, when you want. Our reseller agreement does not require any minimum purchase.

What's the process to become an illumai Authorized Seller?

Fill out the contact form below.

You are in control. If you contact us, we will respond. But we won't pester you. We won't share your email or phone number. We won't even share the fact that you contacted us. Further, we will respect your time.

You Start. To begin, just indicate an interest by filling out the contact form below. Just tell us when it's convenient for you to talk. We'll connect with you then.

Account Manager Goodness

Your Account Manager will contact you by phone or email (as you have indicated), answer any questions you have, and send you complimentary product samples for your evaluation.

Very Simple Agreement.

We value simplicity, so our Salon Agreement is truly simple. You order from us and pay a very attractive wholesale price. You sell illumai for whatever price you want, whenever. There are no minimums. There's a generous returns policy. The only other terms protect the brand and our salon resellers: no diversion, no tampering, no offsite sales, etc.
Easy peasy.

We deliver.

If you want to proceed, sign the Authorized Salon Agreement, place your initial order and schedule training for your staff. Our Customer Service team will contact you upon receipt of the first order to verify shipping information and collect credit card details.

Welcome Aboard! Once training is completed, you will be a fully Authorized Salon. If you need any help thereafter, contact your Account Manager or Customer Service.

What kind of support is available?

We believe strongly in fast, thorough customer support. We know you are busy, so we give you what you need, fast. Whether it's order processing, a payment question, consulting you on a marketing question or training your staff, we bring the right resource to you at the right time.

Virtual Support

We provide phone, email, and web video support, which is extremely cost-effective. We pass the savings back to our resellers through deeper wholesale discounts.

If you prefer in-person distributor schmooze, you'll be disappointed with Virtual Support. If fast response and better wholesale pricing sounds good, then our Virtual Support should be of interest.

Training vs Education

We are strong believers in the Professional Beauty Association's "consultative approach" to retail sales. That approach pre-supposes deep product knowledge, and the best stylists WANT to know all about the product, what it does, who it's for and when best to use it. Because illumai is radically new hair care technology, we are eager to provide training and support for your stylists and colorists.

We are strongly committed to training and will offer refreshers and new materials from time to time to keep the information fresh and top-of-mind.

Many professional styling products vendors offer credits for future Education offerings, especially when those Education workshops show the vendor's products in action. Because we are simply a hair cleansing system, we have decided that it would be better to give you a deeper discount on your wholesale purchases so that you can use the extra money to buy Education for your staff ... or to keep the money for yourself. Bottom line: We offer training. We do not offer education.

Order Processing

Placing an order is super easy. Just email a PO (or even just a free-form email) to We will acknowledge receipt of the order with an ETA. When the order ships (usually next business day), you'll get a shipping notice, including a tracking number. When the order arrives at your location, you can match up the packing slip with your PO or other ordering documentation.

If you have any questions about an order, simply contact customer service or your Account Manager by email or phone. If you want to discuss marketing ideas or promotions, contact your Account Manager.

Payment processing

During orientation, you tell us which credit card you want to use. All orders will be fulfilled using that credit card, unless you request a different credit card. We do not support COD or orders paid over time.

Ask The Experts

For a limited time, we are making our co-founders -- Dr. Michael Zasloff, Mario Russo, and our CEO, Wayne Willis, available to our Authorized Salons.

Each is an expert in their field, and can address almost any major question you have -- about the science of healthy beauty (Dr. Zasloff), about how illumai is best used by stylists and clients (Mario Russo), or about your business and marketing issues (Wayne Willis).

We want to help you grow your business.

Social media coordination

We have an incredible story to tell, and we will be generating compelling content for our website and our own social media pages. We'd be happy to share the marketing assets (pictures, stories, white papers, infographics, videos) with you so you can re-use them in your social media feeds. We want to help you stimulate interest, engagement, traffic ... and new clients!

Professional Consultative Selling

In 2008, the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) commissioned an in-depth study of retail sales in salons -- what worked, what didn't work, what the best practices were, etc. They also found that some stylists were very effective at retail sales and others sold nothing. We have a license to the PBA materials and have developed some guidelines and training materials for both the salon owner/manager AND the stylists. If you wish, we'd be happy to offer this program (to you) and conduct training for your staff.

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